Datalogger for AWS
Cutomised Web software
Air Temperature/ Humidity sensor
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Rain Gauge
Wind Speed / Wind Direction
Solar rediation
Visibility sensor
  Remote Weather Station
Datalogger for Automatic Weather Station (AWS)
  • Ultra low-power design
  • Integrated cellular modem
  • Automatic data transfer to email , Server FTP
  • 1 serial ‘smart sensor’ port
  • Up to 15 analog (+/- 30V) sensor inputs
  • Expandable upto 300 analog points
  • 12 flexible digital channels
  • SDI-12 (multiple networks)
  • Built-in software - no application to install
  • Run directly from your web browser
  • Accessible by Ethernet, USBconnection or integrated GPRS modem
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Easy-to-use configuration editor
  • Access live and historical data
  • View data as charts, mimics and tables
Automatic Weather Station (AWS)
  • Remotes Weather Stations
  • Agricultural Research
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Research & Development
  • Disaster Management
  • River and DAM condition monitoring
  • Structural Monitoring
Technical Specifications
Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Analog Input: 6  single Ended  Analog Input Channel
2 Digital Input/ Output Channel
2 Counter Channel
Resolution: Effective resolution: 18 bits
Linearity: 0.01%
Analog and Digital Sensors:
Supports a wide range of sensors including, but not limited to, those listed below. A wide range of sensor scaling and linearising facilities including polynomials, expressions and functions.
Supports to the sensors like Air Temperature , Relative Humidity , Rain gauge, Wind direction, Wind speed, Visibility Sensor ,Air Pressure, Solar radiation sensor etc.
Data Storage
Internal Store: Capacity: 128MB = approx 10,000,000 data points
External Removable USB store device (optional accessory)
Types: compatible with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 drives, e.g. Flash drive.
Capacity: approx. 90,000 data points per megabyte
Input Voltage:
Input range: ±30mV to ±30V
Inputs Inter-Channel Isolation: 100V (relay switching)
System Display and Keypad:
Type: LCD, 2 lines by 16 characters, Backlight, Display Functions: channel data, alarms, system status, Keypad: 6 keys for scrolling and function execution
Communication Interfaces
Ethernet Port: Interface: 10BaseT (10Mbps) Protocol: TCP/IP
Network (TCP/IP) Services: Uses Ethernet port or integrated modem
Serial: RS232, RS422m, RS485
System Power:
External voltage range: 10 to 30Vdc, Peak Power: 12W
Operating Temperature: -30°C to 70°C, Humidity: 85% RH (without enclosure), non-condensing, 100%Rh (with Weatherproof Enclosure)
Real Time Clock: Normal resolution: 200μs,
Accuracy: ±1 min/year (0°C to 40°C),
±4 min/year (-40°C to 70°C)
Alarms: Send email or SMS messages, Data: Send data to an email address or FTP server, Remote access, SIM interface: SIM Socket (1.8V/3V)
Networks and Frequencies,
Interfaces: GPRS, GSM, 3G.  850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Antenna with 2m cable
FTP Client: Automatically upload logged data direct to an FTP server.
Email Client: Email data or alarms directly from the logger.




Configuration Software
  • Accessible by Ethernet, USB connection or integrated modem
    Graphical User interface
    Easy-to-use configuration editor
    Access live and historical data
    View data as charts, mimics and tables
    Automatic Data send on your FTP server  and Email
    Easy Programming through Ethernet, RS232, 485 and
    USB Pen drive.
    Download data in CSV format

Air Temperature / Humidity Sensor with Weather Shield
  • Technical Specification:
    Operating Humidity Range: 0% RH to 100% RH
    Accuracy % RH: <+/-3% RH
    Operating Temperature Range: -25 C deg to -85 deg
    Analog output 0...100% RH : 4 to 20 mA (load resistor 10 om)/ 0 to 1 V/ 0 to 5 V
    Temperature Output: Platinum RTD
    DIN EN 60751, F 0.15 Class A/
    DIN EN 60751, F 0.1 Class Y (selectable)
    Humidity type: capacitive
    Supply Voltage: 8 to 10 VDC
    Operating temperature Range: -40 C deg to +80 C deg
    Cable: 2 meter
Rain Gauge
  • Technical Specifications:
    COLLECTING AREA: 200 mm2
    Sensor : Tipping bucket rain gauge
    Resolution : 0.2 mm
    Accuracy : Better than + 5%
    Output : Pulsed
    Range : Unlimiteds
    Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C
    Cable: 3 Meter
Baromatric Pressure Sensor
  • Analog output 800…1100 mbar:  0 to 5 V
    Accuracy: +/- 0.3% at 25 C deg
    Humidity Limit: 0% RH to 100%RH (at pressure inlet)
    Supply Voltage: 8 to 24 VDC
    Operating Temperture Range: -40 C deg to +85 C deg
    Dimension: Length 85mm, Diameter 82mm,
    Weight: 150g
    Housing: ABS
    Housing Clasification: IP67 (Pressure inlets kept open from
    Bottem of encloser)

Wind speed and Wind Direction

Solar Rediation

Visibility sensor

Soil Moiture sensor