Applications :

Wireless Temperature Monitor Solutions:  

We provides unsurpassed advancements in wireless environmental monitoring systems for applications where it may be mission critical to monitor and respond to instant environmental changes. Our zero cost infrastructure model eliminates the need for computer hardware, network servers and software. Now, with the advances in temperature monitoring technologies from SensoScientific, the web-based embedded wireless system can substantially reduce your cost of technology ownership. Explore the various industries below and see where our revolutionary wireless temperature monitoring system has been used with much success!

We offer practical and comprehensive solutions to automate the continuous temperature monitoring of hospital equipment.

SensoScientific helps make sure pharmacy products are maintained under recommended storage conditions to ensure quality.

Blood Bank
SensoScientific helps ensure all blood products are kept at the right temperature and in the right conditions.

Food Services

Our solution records and tracks data directly from refrigerators and freezers without any need to store and manage physical temperature logs.


We provide a reliable and seamless temperature monitoring solution essential for comprehensive quality assurance.

Data Center
SensoScientific is now offering the most advanced temperature monitoring solution to data centers.

Life Science
SensoScientific provides a practical solution for safeguarding your valuable and time-sensitive diagnostic samples and test results.

Vaccine / VFC
We provide a practical and affordable solution to meet the temperature monitoring requirements for the Vaccination and VFC Program.






Geotechnical and construction :

  • An advanced weather station is assembled using a dataTaker DT82E, an SDI-12 weather transmitter, a pyranometer and a UV radiation sensor.
  • In addition to collecting meteorological data, this weather station uses thermocouples to measure and log surface temperatures over a gradient from black-body to white-body surfaces.
  • Readings from all sensors are continuously recorded on-site and stored in the DT82E internal memory and archived to an attached USB memory stick.
  • Data is transferred from the site when the materials are inspected by simply replacing the USB Memory Stick with another and carrying this to the office where the data is easily downloaded to PCs for analysis.
Monitoring the Construction of a Dam :
  • Monitoring Dam Water level, Water flow and discharge levels in the water and sewage treatment industries

  • Monitoring flow levels of water and sewage in pipes using flow meters.
  • Assessing water quality by monitoring such parameters as pH, chloride levels, water hardness, etc.
  • pH, dissolved oxygen and temperatures at different depths and distances up an estuary
Electrical Power Measurements :
  • Energy measurement applications include solar energy collection and heating systems, biogas conversion, utility usage, alternative fuel development, and many more.
  • we provides advanced data loggers with the precision you need to accurately measure temperature, AC and DC voltage and current, Power , energy , gauge pressure, and Wind Direction, wind speed , Humidity and barometric sensor to provide real-time information as well as capture historical data, we can help you custom-design a system that meets your exact requirements.

Water Network :
  • We provide a variety of specialized data loggers for connection with flow meters, rain gauges, water level sensors, and weather stations.
  • Designed for fast deployment at a low cost, these standalone solutions are weather-resistant for reliable operation under hostile conditions. 
  • Our real-time telemetry and early warning systems include GPRS data loggers to monitor remote sites, acting as flood and pollution alarm systems.
Universities and Research Center:
  • We works closely with universities in various fields.
  • We offer many different products for the entire measurement chain.
Pharma / Life sciences :
  • Life sciences applications require continual monitoring of incredibly temperature, Humidity - and time-sensitive materials, including blood bank, vaccines, tissue samples, new medicines and drugs, and more.
  • Our signature Accsense wireless and wired dataloggers monitor refrigerators, freezers and cryostats 24/7 to safeguard these invaluable goods and provide advanced alarming and messaging functionality to notify personnel the instant that crucial parameters go out of specification.
  • Suitable for measurement of many vital values including temperature, humidity and voltage or current, Accsense systems capture, record and store data for CFR 21 Part 11 compliance reporting.
  • These turnkey systems are designed with ease of installation and use in mind, entirely eliminating the need for IT department or costly training sessions. All data transfers are securely encrypted to meet privacy regulations including HIPAA.

Environmental / Weather Station:
  • Environmental applications include environmental monitoring for temperature, humidity, wind speed, barometric pressure, pollution monitoring, and measuring rainfall.
  • We provide Data logger offers a selection of specialized data logging systems supporting a wide range of sensors used in environmental monitoring to capture and record environmental data.
  • From simple 1 and 2 channel data loggers monitoring temperature and humidity to intelligent multi-channel instruments that can be used with weather stations and other sensors to provide real-time information as well as capture historical data, we can help you custom-design a system that meets your exact requirements
  • These dataloggers are durable, weather-resistant, and available in optional weatherproof enclosures to handle the worst of the elements.
Mining :
  • We provide integrated solutions for different kinds of data logging and data acquisition needs to Mining Industry, Marine Industry etc.
  • We provide Customized Innovative, Proven, Value Added Solutions in the field of Industrial Instrumentation, Test and Measurement, Data Acquisition and Logging.
  • As a part of providing customized effective and durable data logging solutions we deal with proven best-in-the-segment products.

Ballastic and military :
  • Elsys is used to acquire and analyze measurement data from firearms, guns, artillery, projectiles and grenades using different ammunition and explosive propellants.

  • Data gathered by the software aids in determining the accuracy and consistency of a projectile before it exits a firearm.
  • Manufacturers of firearms ranging from basic hunting rifles to critical military artillery will benefit from the precision data afforded by this industry-specific software module.

Transportation - Rail-vehicle Buffers Absorber Test :
  • Buffers on railway vehicles usually are seen as simple devices. Nowadays however, they should not only be absolutely reliable, but also must have optimal properties to absorb run-up energy from trailing wagons safely.

  • owadays buffers on railway vehicles, as designed and utilized by Schwab Verkehrstechnik, AG, should be considered Hi-Tech components.