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We Announces New CFR21 Part 11 compliant Portable Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

SensoScientific Inc.'s CFR21 Part 11 compliant Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems are dedicated for Hospitals, Health Departments & Life Science Laboratories are fast becoming industry leader in pushing the boundaries of detection technology. With the release of newest WIFI product line we are introducing not only a State of the Art Web-embedded WIFI platform technology


Data Translation Announces Portable Strain- and Bridge-Based USB Measurement Module

The DT9838 offers high-speed performance in a compact form factor for applications including strain, load, pressure, and other bridge-based measurements. The bus-powered module removes the need for an external power supply and offers 24-bit resolution; direct connectivity; 52 kS/s simultaneously sampled analog inputs; full-, half-, and quarter-bridge completion; up to 10 V internal excitation; transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) smart sensor compatibility and channel expansion using the RJ45 synchronization connector to synchronize up to four DT9838 modules.

New YoYo Tiny Data Logger from Grant
Yoyo data loggers are small, robust and simple to use. Choose from - temperature, humidity, condensation, extra-low voltage, strain gauge, voltage, current, pulse, barometric pressure, as well as light and solar radiation yoyo loggers. Coupled with a simple software solution, this logger offers simplicity and reliability
TPCE-LE – New PCIe Data Acquisition cards at premium low prices

Elsys Instruments now offers a NEW TPCE-LE hardware platform of PCIe data acquisition waveform digitizing products at cost-effective levels while not compromising overall prime performance. Elsys technology can be owned now at premium low prices in applications where the acquisition of high speed, high resolution and high precision waveform data is of ultimate importance. Operating and analysis TranAX-LE software accompanies this new offering at zero additional cost

Ballistics Analysis Simplified with New BallAX 3 Software

Elsys Instruments now offers BallAX 3, a comprehensive software module specifically designed to acquire and analyze internal ballistics measurement data.

Thanks to a flexible driver interface, the new ballistics analysis software supports a wide range of charge, pressure and optical sensors from various manufacturers for high-speed, comprehensive data acquisition